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For a limited time, all of the new reader's Holy Bible books are on sale for half price!

Welcome to my website. I've been creating books using print-on-demand services for several years. Through this website, you can usually get better prices for my books than through Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Choose a type of book in the menu above, then follow the links directly to for ordering.

I started making these when I saw the California law books were very expensive. I downloaded the Evidence Code from the California website and formatted it into book form and started selling it. I started with the Evidence Code because it is the smallest section of the law and gave me an idea about how the whole publishing-on-demand system worked. From there, I created several more volumes and they started selling well, even considering that I was a nobody when I started, and I'm also not a lawyer.

Now I'm on my fourth year of making law books, and just recently I started making religious books under the Devoted Friends of God publishing name. I'm also working on more sets that will be print-on-demand, and they'll be showing up on the "Other Books" page when they are ready.

I also have many other types of items available, from a card game to training videos, to t-shirts and coffee mugs. You can find these on the "Other Items" page.

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